Dr Vita Mangosteen

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Dr Vita Mangosteen
Dr Vita Mangosteen
Dr Vita Mangosteen
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More Concentrated and more effective than any other brands sa PIlipinas!!!

Para sa Iwas sakit at malakas na resistensya na pangangatawan💪💪💪
The only mangosteen in the phils with purple corn💜💜💜

Anong magandang naidudulot ng Dr. VIta Mangosteen?
Highly Nutritious
Powerful Antioxidants
Anticancer Effects
Promotes Weight Loss
Controls Blood Sugar
Promotes a Healthy Immune System
Helps Maintain Healthy Skin
Makes HEart HEalthy
Makes Brain HEalthy
MAkes KIdney Healthy
MAkes Eye Healhty
Promotes Good Digestion
Lowers Blood Pressure

1. What is Dr. Vita Mangosteen?
• Dr. Vita Mangosteen is the newly launched product of Dr. Vita Food Supplement Series. Its main ingredient is Mangosteen which contains Xanthone that inhibits free radicals, keeping cells in optimal biological state and enhances immunity as well.
2. What are the ingredients?

  • Mangosteen Extract – in this product, unlike other brands, we used Mangosteen Extract. This is more concentrated than the powder. Mangosteen is considered as super antioxidant for it rich in nutrients such as xanthone, catechin, proanthocyanidin, etc.
  •  Purple Corn – rich in SOD, directly supplement the body's required SOD to fight against free radicals in the body. SOD is an enzyme that can remove excess free radicals in the body and is an antioxidant enzyme
  • Fibersol-2® - a patented ingredient that contains more than 85% dietary fiber. This promotes intestinal peristalsis thus, making the metabolism faster.
  • Probiotics – promotes better absorption of mangosteen and purple corn. Better absorption will make our product more effective.

3. What are the benefits of using Dr. Vita Mangosteen?

  • • Eliminates free radicals
  • • Directly supplements antioxidants
  • • Supplements the body's lacking SOD
  • • Enhances the metabolism of the body

4. How to use (usage instructions)?

  • This can be taken before or after meals to get the most from it without mixing it with our regular food.

5. Pwede ba sa pregnant o nagpapabreastfeed?

  • This has no known side effects for pregnant or lactating mothers. But taking the advice of a physician is highly recommened.

6. Okay ba kahit may maintenance medications?

  • Yes. Take it 2 hours after taking the medication

7. Wala bang side effects?

  • This has no over dosage because it is a natural food supplement, it has no side effects and no adverse reaction.

8. How many capsules per box?

  • 10 capsules in a blister, 3 blisters in a box.
  • Total of 30 capsules

9. How many grams per capsule?

  • 500mg

10. How much is the recommended daily dosage?

  • • Up to 4 capsules a day.

11. How Dr. Vita Mangosteen is different from the leading brand?

  • We used Mangosteen Extract that is more concentrated than powder. Thus, its nutrient content is higher.
  • Aside from mangosteen, we also put purple corn for more antioxidant effect; fibersol-2® to promote metabolism; and probiotics for higher absorption of nutrients.
  • Our capsule used the Pearl Film Coating. It is used to protect raw materials from oxidation and improve the capsule’s appearance at the same time.


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